Our Partners


HAC-Haiti Inc., a non-profit organization currently running Institute Mixte Shalom des Freres and Les Petits Genies Kindergarten, licensed academic institution registered under the Ministry of Education in Haiti.

Institute Mixte Shalom des Freres and Les Petits Genies Kingergarten school currently educates over 200 children, runs 2 sessions of primary school with classes 1-8 and one session of kindergarten with levels 1-3. At least 50% of the students are females. There are 20 local staff members employed under the school. Parents are actively involved in the institution, and parent teacher conferences are held on the last Sunday of every month. The children attend school Monday – Friday from 8am until 2:30 pm to engage in after-school program activities, and the second session runs 1:00 – 5:00.

In addition to the school, H.A.C. also serves as a community center running educational programs focused on professional development, skills based training, economic empowerment, public health, and health care for over 1,300 members of the immediate and neighboring community.

Sam Darguin, is the director of HAC-Haiti. Sam is a young Haitian-American who returned to Haiti from the States to help the people of Haiti after the earthquake in 2010. He works to create educational opportunities and life-experiences for children they might not otherwise be able to access, and we are happy to call him a friend.

For more on HAC-HAITI, go to www.wearehac.org


Foyer de Sion orphanage is a licensed, registered creche founded in 1999. Founders and Directors, Guesno and Majorie Mardy, have committed their lives to raising some of Haiti’s most vulnerable children. Although most of the children will grow up at the orphanage, the Mardys have overseen the ethical adoptions of dozens of children into loving families across the U.S., Canada and France.

We visit Foyer several times a year to move projects forward and visit the children who are near and dear to us. They are the reason we do this work – because they deserve access to education, healthy nutrition and medical care.

Our first fundraiser for Foyer was after the earthquake and we have held annual fundraising events every year since. We want to assist our friends, the Mardy family, who live with the constant pressure of providing the basic necessities to so many precious children in need.

For more on Foyer De Sion orphanage, go to www.foyerdesion.org



KORE creates sustainable solutions to extreme poverty in Haiti, focusing on the steps “beyond relief” for the greatest impact. With a holistic approach, we are addressing the spiritual, physical and economic needs of the extreme poor.

Identifying and implementing sustainable solutions to these problems is crucial.  Our purpose is to provide opportunities for Haitian people to overcome poverty and become self-sustaining. While there is a time for relief – an immediate response to emergency situations, such as a family on the brink of starvation – sustainable development focuses on providing resources that are not depleted over time. KORE implements programs that empower people rather than create dependency, equipping communities to change their own futures. We focus on addressing immediate needs AND empowering future generations with the ultimate goal of breaking the cycle of extreme poverty.

For more about KORE, go to www.korefoundation.org


Caribbean Harvest was founded in 2005 by Dr. Valentin Abe, a world renowned agronomist, to re-create the commercial fishing industry is Haiti. Dr. Abe’s dream was to apply modern aqua-cultural technology to establish a domestic fishing industry for Haiti, create thousands of jobs, and gain nutritional benefits for all Haitians. Caribbean Harvest is leading the effort to build a sustainable commercial fishing industry for Haiti. Through its hatcheries and fish farms CH can create thousands of jobs for unemployed fishermen who live in impoverished villages around Haiti’s largest lakes. We have seen first-hand the way Dr. Abe’s work is changing lives one village at a time.