Pou Timoun purchases fresh chicken meat from KORE’s 6.25 program for the children at the orphanage. This program allows chicken meat to be bought for orphanages from farmers in their micro-loan program at a more competitive price. The chicken meat is delivered by KORE to the orphanage every two weeks to provide more animal protein for the children.


In 2015, we raised $25,000 to establish a large vegetable garden (almost an acre) dotted with mango and papaya trees to provide the vitamins and nutrients to help combat malnutrition with fresh fruits/vegetables. We employed 5 Haitian graduate students from KORE’s agricultural program for 9 months to prepare the soil, install an irrigation system/pump and to plant our garden on a piece of land next to the orphanage. We now employ two men from the local community on a full-time basis to oversee the garden. The garden and fruit tress should supply the orphanage with an abundance of fruits and vegetables in years to come.


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