Julie and Dan Cutforth

Founders & Directors


Pou Timoun was founded by Julie and Dan Cutforth in response to the 5 years they have spent supporting the children living at Foyer de Sion orphanage by implementing education, nutrition and sponsorship programs. They adopted theirDSC_0366 son from Haiti in 2013 creating a family of 6 committed to helping young children and teens living in extremely difficult circumstances. Pou Timoun is also dedicated to supporting initiatives that create financial opportunities for families so they can stay together and not have to make the painful choice to relinquish their children due to heartbreaking circumstances caused of extreme poverty. Julie and Dan personally know many children in Haiti, just like their own children, who deserve to have access to education, medical care, food security, proper nutrition and life-enhancing opportunities…but don’t. These children are the reason Pou Timoun was founded.


Cara DeLizia Rich

Executive Director


For Cara Rich, what began as genuine interest in helping under-privileged children quickly transformed into a very hands-on job working to improve the lives of some of the most vulnerable children in the world. After several visit to Haiti and Foyer de Sion orphanage with Julie and Dan, she was offered the role of Executive Director of the Pou Timoun organization. Cara is involved in the day to day running of the organization as well as program implementation. Cara revels in the joy of her young family while she strives to bring better opportunities to children and families in Haiti.





Board Members

Larry McArthur

Larry has been working in the social services field for almost 20 years.  He founded and currently serves as CEO of Daybreak Canyon, a residential treatment center for boys aged 12-18.  Starting Daybreak Canyon is a dream come true for Larry, giving him the opportunity to pursue his passion of working with troubled youth in a meaningful way on his own terms.  He has worked in a variety of capacities with youth, ranging from ESL teaching aide to the Director of a large Idaho residential treatment center situated on a 500 acre Ranch.  Larry got his start working with troubled youth as direct care staff at a treatment center in Utah.  Working with youth has been a constant theme in Larry’s professional career.  Larry and his wife Corrie are the proud parents of 6 children.  As an adoptive parent Larry is familiar with all of the related challenges, adventures, and joys of adoption.  He and Corrie have been active in fundraising and humanitarian efforts in Haiti for the last 14 years.

Corrie McArthur  
Corrie is also an owner of Daybreak Canyon, where she spends a great deal of her time and efforts.  The work she does there is meaningful and the most rewarding of her career.  She has an extensive background in management and marketing work before Daybreak Canyon started in 2008.  She and her husband Larry McArthur are the proud parents of 6 children.  Her work at home with her own children is the most important part of each day.  It is fulfilling and full of surprises- which she is learning to appreciate.  Her work in Haiti began 14 years ago when she brought her two sons home.  There is a part of her heart that she left and remains there.  She has traveled back in excess of 20 times- accompanying volunteer groups, adoptive parents and anyone who will come to Haiti with her.  Her love for the country, culture and people there is constant and the driving force behind the work she and Larry do there.