• "In Haiti, education is EVERYTHING." - 16 year old student

Pou Timoun

("for the children" in Haitian Creole)

We are a community of friends and family committed to creating a better future for the 125+ children living at Foyer de Sion orphanage as well as children and families living in the nearby community Croix des Bouquets, Haiti.

Along with our proven Haitian partner organizations, we implement and support programs that provide education, improved nutrition, medical care, life skills and empowerment for children from infants to teenagers. In addition, we strive to employ Haitian staff so they can support their families in hope that fewer children are relinquished to orphanages due to lack of food or access to medical care. Our goal is to focus the resources of our community to change the stagnating effects of extreme poverty in one community in need.

We hope you will join us in creating this change.

Sponsor Education for an Orphaned Child

$450 for one year (includes uniform, books, shoes & backpack)

Sponsor Teen Empowerment Home

$100/mo. helps us provide education and safe housing to vulnerable teenager

Make a One-time Donation

Support education, medical and nutrition projects

Make a Monthly Gift

Ensures we can provide long-term education, medical and nutrition projects

The disaster in Haiti now should remind us that all around the world there are millions of orphans who suffer and the earthquake in Haiti is a wake-up call to come to the aid of all children living without parental care, living without the right to just be a child. The world has failed its children. We cannot ignore the deep systemic failures of societies around the world for its children. I ask that everyone try and get back to the work that must be done for children and not get distracted.

Dr. Jane Aronson